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Attention MA Residents

At a time when medical errors are already the THIRD leading cause of death in the United States, the Commonwealth of Massachusetts could make it legal for unlicensed people to administer medications to ANY patient in ANY setting, including intensive care units, acute care hospitals and long-term care facilities.

Until now, the delegation of these clinical duties away from nurses has been strictly prohibited. Why? Because they involve complex procedures that demand the skilled assessment and monitoring that only nurses can provide. If this proposal is left unchallenged it will severely undermine our state's high nursing standards. It will mean fewer nurses in all settings and more risk of medication errors that can lead to injury and death.

Bottom Line: Unlicensed health care workers do not have the specialized clinical training and education that nurses have and should NOT be acting as nurses!
Gov. Charlie Baker has already begun trying to deflect blame on this issue. But he owns this dangerous proposal. Baker has appointed six of the 14 current members of the Board of Registration in Nursing, which has proposed allowing unlicensed people to administer medication. The executive director of the board is also a Baker appointee.
Baker came into office declaring he would overhaul state regulations. This proposal could do just that, and in doing so jeopardize patient safety. Baker’s plan would endanger patients in every health care setting. Call Gov. Baker at 617-725-4005. Tell him you know it is his plan, proposed by his appointees, and urge him to stop #BakersBadMedicine.


Please Call Gov. Charlie Baker today at 617-725-4005 and urge him to protect Massachusetts patients by stopping his plan that could allow unlicensed people to administer medication. You can also send him an email at http://www.mass.gov/governor/constituent-services/contact-governor-office/



BACKGROUND ON THIS CRISIS: Right now only licensed nurses are allowed to administer medications to patients, including chemotherapy, heart medicine and other complex drugs. This high standard has long ensured patient safety because nearly every medication on the market comes with dangerous side effects and risks for interactions.

Nurses, with years of training and practice, are not only skilled at safely administering these medications, but are also experts at accurately assessing patients after they are given medications and at providing appropriate follow-up care. Now the Board of Registration in Nursing, under Gov. Charlie Baker, could allow unlicensed people in all health care settings to be able to administer medications.

You can read the proposed changes to nursing regulations by clicking here.